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Enjoy CaliBun

A Bite From Cali

About Us


Remember a time when going out for a meal was fun?


When you bit into a big, juicy burger and the taste exploded in your mouth like a Fourth of July fireworks show? 


Those were the days when burgers were made to order and cooked with love on the grill, when French fries came out of the fryer crispy and delicious, and when milkshakes were made right in front of your eyes with thick, rich ice cream and whole milk, instead of a powdery mixture that’s poured into a machine to make shakes that taste like wet cardboard.  


Ah, the good old days! Well, those days still exist at CaliBun. 


We’re a family business and we’re in love with classic diner food. It's our mission to use the freshest local ingredients and make traditional diner food to order, so our customers can enjoy the kind of burgers, fries, milkshakes, and sandwiches that made American diner food famous the world over.

So come in, make yourself at home, and let your taste buds have a vacation.

Our Story



If you’re like a lot of people, there are times when you just crave a nice, juicy burger with slices of succulent tomato and crispy lettuce, with maybe a thick, rich chocolate milkshake to top it off. 


At CaliBun, we know exactly how you feel, and that’s why we started our family business with one simple plan: to serve classic American diner food made with fresh ingredients and lots of love. Our idea was to make our burgers from scratch and cook every meal to order right here in our restaurant, so our customers could enjoy the absolute best in diner food. 

Everyone who works at CaliBun is first and foremost a lover of traditional American diner food, and we take pride in serving you the best. We use only top-shelf ingredients like 100% USDA choice steakburger patties freshly ground and cooked to perfection in our kitchen, and top-grade tomatoes, lettuce, and other ingredients grown at local farms. 

And if you’re craving something different than a burger, we can help! Our menu includes a selection of classic diner sandwiches, salads, and mouth-watering sides. We feature a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich made with fresh rib-eye meat and a pastrami sandwich that’s to die for!


Make sure you leave room for dessert, too — we have banana splits, milkshakes in a rainbow of flavors, creamy malts, root beer floats, and much more! We strive for perfection with every meal we prepare, and that’s why we have an army of loyal customers. 


Come to CaliBun! Your taste buds never had it so good! 

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